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Xavier Fouger

Senior Director, Learning Centers and Programs
Dassault Systemes – Learning Experience

An Industrial Engineer, former Science Attaché in Vienna, Xavier Fouger joined Dassault Systemes in 1990. He developed new innovation processes for various automotive manufacturers in Germany and Korea. He created the corporate organization in charge of global academia. He designed cutting edge learning initiatives for secondary and vocational education in the USA, Malaysia, Canada and France where he introduced a STEM program for 11,500 middle/high school students yearly. He initiated PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) competency centres in India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Vietnam and Argentina.

He created Dassault Systemes’ Learning Lab that conducts collaborative educational research with various universities, funded by US and European agencies on the use of digital technologies in education and the development of lifelong learning of emerging engineering practices. Research areas of the Learning Lab are on virtual labs, collaborative engineering, 3D in MOOCs, Problem Based Learning and textbook virtualization. Current research field in teaching emerging engineering practices all relate to learning new practices of the Industry Renaissance: social innovation, precision agriculture, the Internet of Things, the Virtual Twin, Additive Manufacturing, Smart farm/factory/building and Systems Engineering.

A founding member of IFEES (International Federation of Engineering Education Societies) and GEDC (Global Engineering Deans Council), steering committee member of SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education), he provides lectures and seminars on innovation management in various engineering and business schools. Xavier Fouger is an expert for the French engineering degree accreditation agency (CTI), a member of the consultative board of the UNESCO Aalborg Center for Problem Based Learning and a board member of several Engineering schools.

His current focus is on developing industry-inspired learning centres, establishing educational government programs and nurturing collaboration with engineering education societies.

Awarded the 2016 Peter the First medal of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia for significant contribution to the development of engineering and engineering education, he is a fellow of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) since 2018.